iStock_000006619866_MediumStateline Rental Properties is a full service property management company that also has its own Real Estate division. We not only can manage your property but can renovate or make repairs. We now have an in house landscaping service as well for all of your mowing, landscaping & snow removal needs.

We have a wide variety of clients from individuals, private investors, court appointed receivership & commercial entities. We specialize in the greater Rockford area and surrounding cities, adhering strictly to the laws and statues of the State of Illinois. We service the small to large investor. With our diversity we are an industry leader with unstoppable momentum for growth and productivity. We also offer consulting to help those that need and want to accelerate their learning curve in the growing real estate investment market.

Now is the time to get into real estate investing, both rental & flips! Interest rates and prices are at an all-time low. Contact us today to get started!!